01 October 2009

Day 8

At the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, it is Day 8 of ICD iCamp. Our participants were in two groups today.

Our computer experts improved the software in line with the requests made by the users. They have a long list still to cover and we are jointly setting priorities how to make computers serve our objectives.

Our Managing Editors met to test the amended procedures they have been refining content model within the iCAT platform. Second time around they were much more familiar with the system and made further refinements… such as methods for dealing with conflict resolution when there are multiple ideas for a single parameter.

Meanwhile, upstairs, the Classification Experts were dealing with Volumes 2 and 3 of ICD, which in the ICD-10 included the instructions and rules for classification using ICD, and also the Index that we discussed yesterday. Both the rules manual and the Index must be incorporated within or linked to the ICD-11 electronic platform.

Tomorrow is the last day. We need to get all the loose ends tied. More importantly we will have the evaluation of the iCAMP and plan for the future steps. Join us again tomorrow for the last day for the World Health Organization ICD iCamp. If you wish to join the process you can find us on youtube, twitter and facebook too in addition to the WHO web site on classifications…