28 September 2009

Day 4

Here at ICD iCamp at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, we have reached the end of the first week. Today our iCampers have split into two groups, not because of any internal conflict, but rather to have the time to attend to matters requiring more specialized expertise. One group is composed of Managing Editors, the other of the Classification Experts.

Our managing editors began to work more precisely on the content generation and review process, including the procedures for identification of the peer reviewers, methods for compiling and tracking the reviews, and management of the joint decision process by the TAG.

In another room, the classification experts began to really dig into the review of the start-up linearization. They are comparing the iCAT prefilled data against the National Clinical Modifications for accuracy, identifying potential issues, and comparing the modifications against identified Use-Cases, such as mortality, morbidity and primary care.

Apart from the open discussion among the individuals, there were also focus group sessions. These were semi-structured reviews of the requirements by the Managing Editors and Classification Experts. These focus groups were moderated by Informatics Expert Dr Sean Falconer of the University of Victoria in Canada, part of the team responsible for evaluation and requirements gathering. In collaboration with the iCampers, Dr Falconer and Professor Peggy Storey will gather these responses and formulate them into proposals to the iCat team. The purpose for this exercise is to ensure that the program design serves the exact requirements of the users.

All of the work this week has been to ensure two important things. First, that we create the best possible platform to support the creation of the ICD-11, and second, to evaluate and perfect the process that will be used in the technical and content revision from beginning to end. This weekend iCampers will go and climb the Mont Blanc! It will certainly be a swifter job than building the ICD11. Join us again on Monday as we head into the second week.

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