22 September 2009

WHO ICD-11 GoogleSite

Check out our GoogleSite: https://sites.google.com/site/icd11revision/

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  1. ICD is a tool to enable the production of comparable health information whose origins are in the 19th Century. It has strong traditions of use for two main purposes: coding causes of deaths, and coding diagnoses (and some related things) for hospital cases. The 11th revision is an attempt to build a tool that still serves these main purposes (better than before!), serves additional purposes, and at least begins the transition of the ICD to the world of pervasive computerisation, electronic health records, formalisation of system logic (ontology) and so on. Doing all of this will be quite a challenge!

    I have responsibility to lead the revision work for two chapters in ICD-10: injury and external causes of injury. This work will be done by a group of people (the TAG on injury and external causes) assisted by many other people who have interest and expertise in these topics. Mr Adam Harrison is supporting the work of the TAG as managing editor. Interested in this? Reply within this blog and/or contact me in other ways (e-mail for now; more options soon): james.harrison@flinders.edu.au