29 September 2009

Day 6

It's Day 6 at the World Health Organization ICD iCamp in Geneva, Switzerland and our participants continue on, preparing for the enormous task of creating ICD-11. The primary focus of our work today was to create the appropriate documentation to support the iCAT platform. A big part of this process involves the concept of RTFM, also known as Read the Fabulous Manual.

Our Managing Editors and Classification Experts are now well versed in the general workflows of the review process and the iCat platform. Not only must they be able to use the system, however, they must also be able to teach others how to use it, as well. This will include future users of iCAT, such as TAG members, workgoup members, and later on, in the beta draft, any individual contributor.

Our participants split into several small groups, and began the process of reviewing and refining the two manuals which will serve as supportive references. The first manual, known as the Style Guide, is for the ICD content model, providing clarification on how to create each ICD category and explaining the requirements for each parameter within the model. The second manual, a guide for reviewers, will outline the criteria and procedures to be used in selecting the content proposal peer reviewers and in the process of the actual review.

Part of the process will involve more in depth review of the iCat platform, from a more technical perspective. This process is very important, as the sheer volume of work required to create the ICD-11 would not be possible without the contributions from many qualified individuals and expert groups.

We have three more days of ICD iCamp, and a lot of work still to do. Stay with us as we prepare to launch the next stage of the ICD-11 project.

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